Pouring Art

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Paint Your Way To Fun! Paint Your Way To Fun! Paint Your Way To Fun!

Welcome to Pouring Art!

We have so many fun and exciting options for you to choose from. Click below to see the choices you have when you come into our studio. Reservations are recommended/needed for all pouring projects.

Your magnificent dreams can come alive on a selection of flat surfaces sizes like wood cut-outs, or canvas. A few of these styles can also work with glazes on ceramics. A drip pour in acrylics have been used to decorate ceramic figurines as well.

You will leave your pouring art project with us overnight to dry, then pick it up the next business day to be treasured forever!

Wave Swipe

This technique brings the gorgeous ocean right into your hands! Our specially trained artists will guide your experience and clean up all the mess, afterwards. Using pouring medium, acrylic paint, and a napkin, you will swipe your paints across the surface of your choice, leaving a beautiful ocean wave behind. We us a touch of silicone and a torch to open glorious paint cells inside the wave. Don’t worry! We will handle the torch to keep your experience safe.

String Art

With only a paintbrush, some paint, and pieces of string, you can create a plethora of beautiful creations on a flat wood cut-out, ceramic, or canvas of your choosing. Your highly skilled artist will help you create feathers, hearts, dragonflies, butterflies, flowers, in your string art design. A little bit of silicone and a quick heat application brings up amazing cells in your project.

Pouring Swirls

Pick a substrate from our abundant selection and we can help you to become a master of swirls using pouring medium, cups, acrylic paint, and a stir stick. Create spirals that twist and turn in a vibrant display of hues. Silicone and a heat source will be added by the instructor escorting your paint journey to a new different level.

  • Pour
  • Bubbles
  • String

Cup Flip Pour

Pouring is such an exhilarating experience! Let’s pick some colors and produce a magnificent piece to give to someone special or keep for your very own. First, choose from our plenteous selection of surfaces. We supply all the tools and supplies you will need to pour yourself a piece of dazzling paradise. The process is as simple as it’s title- let’s flip some cups of paint, tilt the painted surface and see what transpires.

Balloon Smash

Once you have chosen exactly what you want to paint on, we will show you how to fashion an arrangement of hues using balloons! Sometimes this style develops into really cool flower shapes. We will supply an apron, balloon, paint, pouring medium, and everything else you will need to make this trendy artwork.

Blowing Art

A straw has never been this amusing! With a little breath, paint, and a straw you can create sensational showpieces to display in your home or business! Come with friends and trade your art to display each others blowing art on the walls in your house. Give a great gift of blowing art for birthdays, holidays, or any season or holiday.

Puddle Pour

After choosing your canvas and paint colors we will show you how to pour the different colors into puddles before tilting takes place. If silicone was added a quick bit of torching will help reveal even more brilliant cells.

Dirty Pour

Much like the Flip Cup Pour where all colors are layered carefully into a larger cup before letting the contents drizzle onto the canvas making a marbling texture after tilting is achieved.

Ring Pour

Similar to the popular Dirty Pour technique yet creatively different by keeping the stream of paint in the same place the entire pouring process. Then let the tilting begin and watch the multitude of colors flow over the canvas or wood. Could it be a universe or dwarf star being created? It’s amazing what your eyes can see and come up with during this project.

Drip Pour

Drip pours are usually used with acrylic paint on ceramic figurines to where the end result looks like melted wax on the finished piece.

Blowing Pour

After adding rings of color to your canvas, take a deep breath then quickly blow over a corner of the puddle. What excitement and joy you can feel when you see the paints react with each other! Repeat the process until you are satisfied with your results.

Swipe Pour

Similar to the Wave Pour, after laying down the paint mixed with pouring medium, a dominant color is “swiped” over the other colors to reveal an incredible array of textures and colors! We will hit it with a moment of heat from the torch as you continue to marvel at the development of your priceless creation!

We have so many splendid pouring options for you to create. Pouring art is an ideal pick for many people who are new to painting as well as experienced artists. You finally found the place that can help you pour acrylic in fashionable and funky techniques that are sure to lift your spirits.

Check out the Pouring Art playlist on YouTube. Check out your Studio's calendar for the next class or make a reservation do it at any time we are open.

  • Marble
  • Wave
  • Feather

Easy to create in studio

We are here to make it simple for you! After you have made a reservation online and taken in all the extravagant selections, you can then pick your flat surface while in studio. Next, you will work with your artist to create the pouring art technique you would like. Your assigned artist will give you the amount of help you desire while you learn how to try the new craze.

We supply everything you need to allow your creative juices to flow. There is a $10 pouring art charge on top of your canvas/ wood purchase for the pouring medium that includes the first 4 colors.*

You will leave your pouring art project with us overnight to dry, then pick it up the next business day to be treasured forever!

Try Our Pouring Art Workshops and Classes

Want extra help and guidance creating a DIY pouring art painting?

Try attending a workshop to have a specially trained artist lead you step by step showing you tips and tricks for the technique that peaks your interest. Class and workshop options are listed on our monthly calendar. You may also request a date and time for a pouring workshop, just contact the studio.

Sign up now for a workshop or reserve any time during our open hours to get the assistance you will need while creating your work of art.

Now is the time to come into our creative art studio to get a bit of that art therapy you deserve. Pour paint on a canvas and enjoy one of our alcoholic or nonalcoholic selections.**

Pouring Art is wonderful for any occasion!

Make an abstract work of art to display in your house or business. Build relationships through art and creativity by pouring art with a group or enjoy solo time. Create pouring art projects for Team Building, birthdays, showers, any holidays like Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day. Pick a beginner, intermediate, or advanced design to display your artwork for all seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

*Pouring projects, marbling, bubbles, paint your pet, paint yourself as a zombie, paint your ride and mosaics have additional fees.

**Check with local studio for beverage options and availability.