The Brush Crazy Journey!

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How it Began

It was a bright and sunny day...

  • Dawn Marsh
  • Doug Marsh

Founded by Dawn and Doug Marsh in 2014, what started as a small local business in the northwest is branching out into a national franchise. Brush Crazy meets the needs of creatives, and encourages people to reach outside of their comfort zones.

With a variety of ceramics to choose from and a growing library of paintings to recreate, there’s something for everyone here. Our artists love what they do, and there’s no shortage of fun and creativity to be had within the walls of our studios.

At Brush Crazy, we believe that gathering with others is the best way for people to learn, grow, get inspired, feel connected, get healthy, give back, and celebrate. So we’re creating a place that facilitates those gatherings, by helping people explore their artistic side, while connecting them with others who share their passions.

When we indulge our curiosity, art can transform us and give us a sense of accomplishment. We want everyone to join us in celebrating a world where we are encouraged to get out there and try new things, participate in the things we love and to express ourselves, improve ourselves and build our communities.

We are here to bring people together ~ celebrate with us.

Creative Team

Dawn Marsh

Creative Director

Dawn brings her passion for inspiring others into her work.

As the creative mind behind the business, Dawn puts together the paintings you get to work on at Brush Crazy. From the Colorado Institute of Art and Colorado Christian University, Dawn brings her passion for inspiring others into her work. Her favorite painting - Ocean Sunset Palm Trees. Her drink of choice - water most of the time, and the occasional pink moscato. When she’s not in the studio dreaming up the latest Brush Crazy painting, you can catch her singing with the local worship team, working on a new song, or creating a new meal.

Doug Marsh

Marketing & Business Director

Doug uses his creativity to fuel the marketing side of the business.

As director of the branding you see at Brush Crazy and the source of creative direction for the business, Doug uses his creativity to fuel the marketing side of the business. He puts his innovation and organization to work, fine-tuning the image of the company, bringing new products and ideas in to help the business and customer experience continually evolve. This Montanan’s drink of choice - Fireball or Angry Orchard. When he’s not busily running the behind the scenes work for Brush Crazy, he’s singing 80s rock karaoke songs!

Dawn & Doug Marsh Dawn & Doug Marsh