Choose a Project or Join a Workshop Even During an Event

Paint Your Way To Fun! Paint Your Way To Fun! Paint Your Way To Fun!

Welcome to your local venue to create Mosaic art!

Easy to create in studio.

We are here to make it simple for you! Choose from our abundant selection of surfaces to use for your mosaic art. You can receive the amount of assistance that you need from our friendly skilled artists.

We supply the mosaic tiles, grout, glass nippers, glue, paint, stencils, brushes, apron, and everything else you need to expand your creativity. Your price will be calculated after you pick your surface to grout as the mosaics are an add on item.*

  • Cutouts
  • Signs
  • Ceramics

Try Our Mosaic Workshops and Classes

Want extra help and guidance creating a Mosaic masterpiece?

Try attending a workshop or taking a class to have a specially trained artist lead you step by step showing you tips and tricks for that mosaic you have been wanting to create. Class and workshop options are listed on our monthly calendar.

Sign up now for a workshop.

Now is the time to come into our creative art studio to get a bit of that art therapy you deserve. Make a mosaic and enjoy one of our alcoholic or nonalcoholic selections.**

Mosaics are wonderful for any occasion!

Make a work of art to display in your house or business. Build relationships through art and creativity by making a mosaic with a group or enjoy solo time. Create mosaics for Team Building, birthdays, showers, any holidays like Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day. Pick a beginner, intermediate, or advanced design to display on your wood for all seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

*Pouring projects, marbling, bubbles, paint your pet, paint yourself as a zombie, paint your ride and mosaics have additional fees.

**Check with local studio for beverage options and availability.