Painting For a Cause

Choose a Project or Join a Workshop Even During an Event

Painting For a Cause Painting For a Cause Painting For a Cause

Welcome to Painting For a Cause!

Have some fun and raise some funds for your favorite non profit organization or local cause!

We love to partner with organizations, groups, schools and nonprofits to help them raise funds in a unique way.

Painting for a Cause allows you to raise funds for something that's near and dear to your heart, while supporters have an amazing time creating art to treasure the event as well as more interaction with each other.

How It Works

  • Request the event for a non-profit organization or local cause on our site.
  • Get a minimum of 12 people to participate.
  • Choose during registration if one project is being led step by step with an instructor of if everyone will be choosing their own projects. If step by step, your guests will register and pay online before the event. If everyone is creating a unique project the day of the event, still getting help from an artist, they pay after they choose their piece the day of the event.
  • Each studio has their own capacity for guests, most can hold at least 136 creators at a time.

Participants will pay regular price for whatever they paint. No discounts will be used during a Paint for a Cause event.

We donate 50% (limit 1 per month) to the charity of your choice.

If the 50% is taken for the month you may still earn 20% back during an event on a regular business day.

It's That Easy!

Because of the high donation rate we only offer one non-profit 50% donor event per month. The non-profit tax exempt id number is required when setting up the event. We do several events at 20% donation for any cause. If your hope is to raise as much money as possible for your cause, we highly suggest booking an event soon to secure the highest donation rate (before someone else does).

Book your cause today!