Ceramic Pottery

Choose a Project or Join a Workshop Even During an Event

Paint Your Way To Fun! Paint Your Way To Fun! Paint Your Way To Fun!

Find a studio near you! Columbus OH, Colorado Springs CO, and Great Falls MT.

Easy to create Ceramics in studio

Let your imagination run wild as you marvel at the ideas that flood your mind for gifts and items you would use in your home.

We have so many splendid techniques for you to use as you create.

Pottery is an ideal pick for many people who are new to painting ceramics as well as experienced artists. You finally found the place that can help you paint provided designs or your own ideas on ceramics!!

We are here to make it simple for you! After you have taken in all the spectacular selections, you can then choose your ceramic project. Next, you will pick between glazing or painting with acrylic paints. Glazing the piece makes it food safe and we fire them here then you get them back in about a week or so. If you paint with acrylics, you take it home the same day, then spray with a clear acrylic sealer to protect your treasure.

We supply the stencils, tracing paper, paint, glaze, brushes, apron, and everything else you need to expand your creativity. There are no extra fees for paint, glaze or studio time.*

For some projects we provide step-by-step instructions with pictures and words to make your project not only exhilarating, but also fulfilling, as well. Novice to expert artists are encouraged to come in during open hours or sign up for classes and/or workshops, either way you still get help from an artist!

At Brush Crazy, you can have fun AND relax! If you don’t finish your project in one sitting, take it home and come back to paint it anytime, for no extra charge!

  • Acrylic
  • Glaze
  • Clay

Try Our Ceramic Workshops and Classes

Want extra help and guidance creating a DIY ceramic project?

Try attending a workshop or taking a class to have a fun artist lead you step by step showing you tips and tricks for that style. Class and workshop options are listed on our monthly calendar. If you don’t see the project you want on the calendar, just call the studio and ask if they can add it!

We can create a marbling texture with shaving cream or blow bubbles on most shapes of ceramics. Take your creativity to a whole new level!

Sign up now for a workshop or reserve an easel for a class.

Find a studio near you! Columbus OH, Colorado Springs CO, and Great Falls MT.

Ceramic Design Gallery

Choose your favorite idea from our studio shelves or check out the Gallery of Paintings and Ceramics created by our awesome artists on our iPads. The art can be searched by theme, the length of time it takes to paint and even by level from beginner, intermediate to expert.

Now is the time to come into our creative art studio to get a bit of that art therapy you deserve. Paint with glaze or acrylics on a ceramic piece and enjoy one of our alcoholic or nonalcoholic selections.**

Ceramics are fantastic for any occasion!

Make a work of art to display in your house or business. Build relationships through art and creativity by painting with a group or enjoy solo time. Create ceramic projects for Team Building, birthdays, showers, any holidays like Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day. Pick a beginner, intermediate, or advanced design to design on your ceramic for all seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

*Pouring projects, marbling, bubbles, paint your pet, paint yourself as a zombie, paint your ride and mosaics have additional fees.

**Check with local studio for beverage options and availability.