Open Paint

Choose a Project or Join a Workshop Even During an Event

Paint Your Way To Fun! Paint Your Way To Fun! Paint Your Way To Fun!

How it Works!

What really makes Brush Crazy unique is our Walk In Open Paint studio hours. Come into the studio to free paint on a stretched canvas anytime we are open. Paint, brushes, aprons and even step by step instructions are included in every price. You can follow the instructions at your own pace and get help from our friendly local artists anytime you want it.

Walk In Open Paint is fun and relaxing because we will never rush you out the door. If you do not finish your art project by the time we close for the day, just take your project home and come back to finish at your own pace, for free.

Follow step-by-step instructions to create a beautiful work of art.

Bring some friends or enjoy some quiet painting time for yourself. You will leave with something beautiful and uniquely yours.

Painting with acrylic paint on a stretched canvas is so much fun! Acrylic paints dry faster than oil paints so you go home with a painting in about two hours!

There are eleven (11) canvas sizes available! Choose the size you want for your canvas painting class or walk in open paint project.

Perfect for a fun girls night out, date night, birthday party, team building and even fundraisers. Book your next event at a canvas painting studio location near you.

  • Date Night
  • Birthday
  • Workshop

DIY Canvas Painting

  1. Check out the Gallery of Paintings created by our awesome artist. The gallery is located in the studio on the computer table.
  2. If you have an idea already use the search to find your perfect painting, otherwise filter the selection from Beginner to Expert and/or from one (1) hour to four (4) hours.
  3. Once you make your painting choice our artists will assit you with your step by step paintsheet, gathering supplies, and getting settled so you can start your project. Don't worry, if you have questions or need help the artists are just a hollar away.
  4. Take your time! There is not a rush to finish your project. If you don't finish today you can always come back and finish later.

Artist Led

Brush Crazy offers painting classes and workshops with our talented team of local artists. Check your local studio calendar to see what is offered each day and register an easel online!